Our schools are integral to society. Schools empower children to become adults who can push to keep making the world a better place. They employ tens of thousands of hard working Marylanders and they enable the rest of us to keep working hard at our jobs. Unfortunately, too often the institution is taken for granted and the people are forgotten. We need to make sure that class sizes are small so every child is getting the attention they deserve. We need to make sure the teachers feel appreciated. A couple easy ways to do this is to make sure their salaries are competitive. As of now, the average income of a teacher is 10k more, one county over. Another way this can be done is to make sure the teachers aren’t overworked. How many teachers do you know that spend their evenings preparing and writing their lessons for the following day?

Far too many. 

Teachers need to have time set aside during the day to prepare for their classes WHEN they are getting paid to be there. This means hiring more teachers and easing up on their class load. 

When it comes to the kids in the school, again we need to make sure we are putting them first. They need to have a reliable way to get to school, they need to have bellies that are full and they need to have the attention they deserve. We need to work towards smaller class sizes. Shawn is a huge proponent of putting more money towards education. By putting our money in the school system and valuing the people inside it’s walls we will create environments where kids and teachers thrive. 

Shawn will vote to keep the money in the budget for this important piece of infrastructure. He will coordinate with his future county council colleagues to make sure they see the value as well and he will work with the Board of Ed as they are creating the budget to make sure they add everything that is important for a healthy and thriving school system.