Public Safety

Shawn poses with Anne Arundel County fire fighters
Shawn is proud to be endorsed by the Anne Arundel County Fire Fighters.

Shawn believes that providing safe communities requires a holistic approach to public safety. Each of the issues discussed on this campaign website plays a part in creating safer communities.

Better schools, jobs with livable wages, safer roads, and a healthy environment all contribute to a community’s success and livability. But when it comes to responding to tragedies, crimes, and health crises, our first responders and frontline workers are more than essential — they are our lifeline.

Being married to a nurse during a worldwide pandemic, Shawn understands the personal risks and sacrifices endured by the county’s first responders and frontline workers. He also understands how pandemic has taken its toll, leaving police and fire departments, as well as healthcare facilities, struggling to keep enough employees on the job.

County leaders need to advocate for and approve budgets and policies that support the police, firefighters, paramedics, and other healthcare and public safety workers who keep us safe — and alive.

Two nurses wearing pink scrubs and surgical masks.
Shawn’s wife Rachel and a nursing colleague in December 2021, the second holiday season impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.