Public Safety

Shawn believes that providing safe communities requires a wholistic approach and that each issue on his agenda plays a part in creating safer communities. Better schools, access to work, safer roads and a well taken care of environment all contribute to the safety of our communities. But where the rubber meets the road when it comes to responding to tragedies, crimes and health crises, the people on the ground are more than essential, they are our life-line.

Being married to a nurse during a pandemic, the importance of our frontline workers has become crystal clear to Shawn. Over and over again, we have seen that we need our first responders and frontline workers to ensure our safety. But all of these essential professions are in dire need of our support. The pandemic has taken its toll. The police, firefighters, paramedics and healthcare workers are struggling to find people who are interested in doing the job. Further, training workers is becoming more expensive and timely during the pandemic.

Shawn believes that the county needs to do everything it can to practically acknowledge what we know to be true. That these people and these services should not be taken for granted. Shawn will push for and vote on budgets and policies that support our police, fire fighters, paramedics, and healthcare workers. He will work with these service providers to make sure that the people doing the jobs and their families have what they need to live safe and healthy lives.