Shawn Livingston
Shawn Livingston
As we enter the new year I wanted to take some time to thank everyone who helped make the campaign happen last year. While we did not win, the Democrats of District 7 worked hard to move the needle left. We can see from the precinct data that while Shannon Leadbetter out-preformed me in most District 7 precincts, most were close and there were actually 7 where I received more votes. We should be proud of the 46%+ vote total in a traditionally red district in a year where the current Republican Councilperson was running for executive and we had a Democratic President. I believe that within an election cycle or two we will have the votes to flip this seat blue.

While on the trail we raised a record amount for Democrats running in District 7, we turned out a record number of Democrats in the primary and had the most extensive mailing program to date. We stood up for the people of our district and talked about the issues on the ground that mattered. None of this could have been done without some very important people and organizations.

I want to first thank my campaign manager and her partner Jennifer Garcia and Jimmy Glenn. They met me early on and stuck with me all the way to the end helping develop message that resonated with the people of District 7. I could not have done it without them. The list of individuals I could mention for their help and advice could go on forever and I will invariably miss some. But a few I want to make sure are mentioned. Spencer Jones and his parter Allyssa Herbst. The volunteer hours and contributions they gave were integral to the campaign. Alex Matiella and Scott MacMullen (presidents of D30 and D33 clubs at the time) for their early interest in the campaign and continued support. My friends Amanda and Paul Bressler and Lashandra who helped knock on doors and hold down he fort in SoCo. Melissa Stanton for making sure I was connected in Davidsonville and making the website the best it could be! All of those who came out door knocking with me! And everyone who hosted a Meet and Greet! This could not have happened without you. Thank you so much.

All of the other elected officials and candidates I ran with helped keep this campaign moving. The D33 slate was integral in our successes. Delegate Andrew C. Pruski, Delegate Heather Bagnall, John Wakefield and Senator-Elect Dawn Gile. In the South I could not have made the progress I made without Courtney Buiniskis and Everett Sesker for Sheriff. Scott Poyer was always there to help and I loved knocking in Londontowne with Delegate Dana Jones, Shaneka Henson, and David Duba.

Lastly I want to make sure I mention the organizations that gave to the campaign generously and believed in my mission to put people first: Progressive Maryland, Sierra Club Anne Arundel Group, Anne Arundel County Professional Fire Fighters, Steamfitters Local 602, Metro Baltimore Council AFL - CIO Unions, IBEW Local Union 26 IBEW Local 24 Baltimore Maryland. Your support was integral to making the campaign the success it was.

So what’s next?

I would like to stay plugged in politically and am open to a career shift in that direction. But I am still exploring options. On January 12th the South County Democratic Club is meeting to decide if we want to merge with the D30 Club or continue the club as is with a new board. I hope that the club will vote to continue as a club. I am slated to head up the club as the president with a wonderful board all around if the votes are cast that direction. The only way we are going to win District 7 in the future is if we keep working to energize the Democrats in South County. There is a lot of work to be done and I hope that this new revitalized SoCo Club can keep helping move that needle in the off years.

No, we did not win the election but we have started a movement to continue helping the district become more blue. Thanks again to everyone who helped initiate this movement.
Shawn Livingston
Shawn Livingston
The time has come to call this.

First, I just want to thank everyone who stepped up to make our campaign the success it was. A huge thank you to everyone that knocked doors, wrote postcards, shared social media posts, waved signs, donated, and simply sent kind words of encouragement. We were running hard in a red district while a Democratic president was in office and politics was facing a climate of heated rhetoric and vitriol. We knew this race was going to be tough when we got into it. We crafted a local message not based on hot national talking points, but based on the things that impact our families every day. We fought to elect someone in District 7 that understands the value of protecting our environment, shoreline and bay; who understands the importance of paying teachers well and reducing class sizes and who didn’t take a single dollar from developers because slowing down development in our district is so important. This campaign was based on integrity and understanding the needs of our neighbors.

Today I called Shannon Leadbetter and congratulated her on her hard fought race. I will continue to stand up for our district and call for policies that benefit everyone. Shannon assured me that I can bring the needs of constituents to her any time there are concerns. I am ecstatic that we have re-elected County Executive Steuart Pittman and have retained our Democratic majority on the council. In these next four years we will be able to get so much done.

One final thank you to everyone who believed in the race and invested in it in so many ways. Once we have the final numbers, I will recap all of the successes of our campaign, of which there are many and share what I think is next for District 7.
Shawn Livingston
Shawn Livingston
It's not over yet.

Hey everyone! I know I've been silent the last couple of days. I wanted to wait to see what the first batch of mail-in ballots looked like before commenting on the race.

After election day we were down about 6k votes. That number may seem insurmountable, but between mail-in and provisional ballots, if everything was returned by the end of election day there could be upwards of 12k votes left to be counted (9k after last night). These will be predominantly Democratic ballots. Depending on how many D/Rs returned on election day and how many Rs swing for me, there is still a very real chance that we can win.

So take heart and cross your fingers a little tighter!

The next mail-in canvass will happen on Monday and if it continues to be close we could be waiting on new data every night through at least Thursday.

You can track the updated numbers here:
Shawn Livingston
Shawn Livingston is in Crofton, Maryland.
Crofton, Maryland
It’s been a great day out at the poles. Polling places are open until 8, make sure you get out to vote! It was awesome to see Concepcion from the Carpenter’s Union representing Democrats at Crofton Meadows Elementary and Brooke Lierman’s dad repping his daughter at Crofton Elementary. #shawnfor7th #electionday #crofton #campaign #annearundel
Shawn Livingston
Shawn Livingston
HUGE thank you to all the volunteers who have supported me during this campaign to help make it a success! We're so thankful for your dedication and generosity! Don't forget to get out and vote today. Visit for more information about voting. #shawnfor7th #annearundelcounty #vote
Shawn Livingston
Shawn Livingston is in Edgewater, Maryland.
Edgewater, Maryland
Wondering what to do with the yard sign you've been taking care of? I have the perfect place for it! Please take your sign to the nearest polling location and stick it in the ground wherever you'd like! You can do this starting on Monday night at 5. This will help you get rid of your sign, help me collect it and help our polling sites have more signs! It's a Win-Win-Win while we are on our way to winning!