Having grown up in a home surrounded by farms, and later working for the family business, Shawn knows first-hand the importance of supporting local businesses and ensuring that people can find jobs. A vibrant economy requires that everyone can earn a
livable wage and support their family.

Due to the rural and suburban nature of District 7, transportation can be a challenge. Many residents work far from their homes, and it can be difficult for someone without a car in South County to get around and reliably coordinate daily transportation to Annapolis or points far beyond.

Amanda, a Shady Side resident and Shawn supporter, is a nurse at Anne Arundel Medical Center.

Shawn knows that supporting small businesses, providing transportation solutions, and encouraging the creation of more childcare options will help District 7 and the entire county be economically vibrant.

  • The South County “Call ’N Ride” program needs to be expanded to match the hours of other Anne Arundel County transportation services, both during the week and especially on weekends.
  • We need to encourage the creation of more supports for working parents, such as improved childcare options and before-and-after school programs that are affordable and available.
  • Our area needs more training programs and opportunities for workers who are transitioning to new occupations or new ways of doing business.

    P.S. Speaking of work and jobs, Shawn is proud to be endorsed by several trade unions. (See below.)