Growing up in the area in a home surrounded by farms and working for the family business, Shawn knows first hand the importance of supporting small business and guaranteeing jobs for everyone. A vibrant economy requires that we make sure everyone has a way to make a livable wage and support their family.  In Anne Arundel County that means ensuring businesses are getting the support they need, especially in the trying times we are in now. We need to make sure they can keep paying their employees a wage that is fair and keep the people of our district working.

Due to the rural nature of our district, transportation is essential. Many of the jobs are out of district, but it can be difficult for someone in South County to reliably coordinate daily transportation to somewhere like Annapolis. The South County Call ’N Ride program needs to have more investment and be expanded to match the hours of other AACo transportation services both during the week, but especially on the weekends. 

We also need to make sure that there are solutions for working moms. Childcare is prohibitively expensive. There needs to be more public options and support for mothers who need to work to support their families. Childcare should be available to all who need it and affordable no matter the age of the kids. 

There also needs to be training programs available in District 7 for those transitioning to new trades; especially in the sectors of technology and healthcare. Shawn knows that by supporting small business, creating public transit solutions and examining childcare options we can ensure a vibrant working economy in District 7.