Living in District 7 provides us with a unique and beautiful landscape. We are surrounded by lush greenery, the bay eco system and hills and valleys lined with creeks and natural springs. Shawn wants to keep it this way by slowing down development, protecting the land and investing in parks with an emphasis on children’s activities. Learn more here.


The pandemic brought to our attention the importance of schools more than ever. Our kids need the social environment that schools provide to learn and excel. The parents need to have a quality public school option for their kids so they can get to work. Shawn will support policies that reduce class size and pay teachers more – improving the experience for everyone. Learn more here.


When thinking about the economy through the lens of putting people first it becomes apparent that we need to support infrastructure that helps the working person. Shawn will work to bring policies that provide better public transportation, childcare, job training, healthy communities and livable wages. Learn more here.