The Environment

Anne Arundel County is rich with coastal places, wooded spaces, rivers, farms and pastures.

Because of our proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, Anne Arundel County has a front row view to the impacts of a changing climate. District 7 is getting hit harder than many parts of the county due to our many rivers, large creeks, and low-lying areas. As water levels rise, residents are dealing with more frequent flooding — including flooding in places that previously didn’t flood.

Warming waters are having an impact on local wildlife and weather. We’ve had two tornados touch down in just one year, with one tearing through miles of South County. We have seen temperatures rise and fall at incredible rates in a 24-hour period, and we’ve experienced damaging storms that seemingly come out of nowhere.

If we want to continue to have prosperous and safe communities here and elsewhere in our state and nation, we need to protect the environment.

Shawn will work to preserve and conserve green spaces, and he will support initiatives to both encourage sustainable farming and clean up the Chesapeake Bay. Shawn will take a lead role in helping move our area toward renewable energy sources that put the environment — and people — first.