Running for Office

As Rachel and I have navigated our lives together we have always looked for ways to make the world a better place. This is why we have both chosen career paths that strive to build up those in our communities. For Rachel this means being a nurse and for me it has meant working at a church and school. From the very beginning of our marriage we have tried to be intentional about putting others ahead of ourselves. This includes small things, like being conscientious of what companies we buy from to bigger things like volunteering in our community and surrounding areas. Our Christian faith, upbringing and life experiences have always pointed us towards this goal. While we don’t always succeed at meeting our expectations, we try our best.

The turn of the millennium has has come with unprecedented change. I have witnessed a complete societal shift with the dawn of the internet and globalization. When I was in high school, the war in Iraq began. When I graduated college and was married, we were at the height of the great recession. In college I had a near-death experience and since then have had two kids and worked at a school…during a pandemic. As I’ve watched the world around me change, I have changed with it. My near-death experience gave me a new perspective which taught me to value my relationships with people above all else in life. The hardships and tribulation I’ve seen around me over the years have only intensified my outlook on the value of people. In so many respects our successes, no our very survival, depends on us seeing each other as people and working for the common good.

Every major decision I’ve made since college has brought this ever-growing list of experiences into the light. How can I make the world a better place by building up those around me? What is the biggest impact I can have? It’s with this outlook that I have decided it’s time for me to expand how I try to accomplish this goal. Serving at NGOs and churches is extremely important and meaningful, but now I believe it’s time to explore what difference I can make in local government. The government works best when the legislation passed builds up the communities – when it puts people first – and it’s with that perspective that I will look to lead District 7 of Anne Arundel County.

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