Democrat for the
Anne Arundel County Council
District 7

Growing up and raising his family in rural Maryland, Shawn Livingston has always made it a priority to build up his community.

By showing up, listening, and asking how to help, Shawn knows how important it is to put people first.

As a member of the Anne Arundel County Council representing District 7, Shawn will work in support of our schools, public safety, farms and the environment. He will advocate for smart land use policies so we can ensure that development is happening in the right places and in the right ways. Shawn is committed to listening to and meeting the needs of our community. Learn more on the About and Values pages.

Shawn, his wife, Rachel, and their young daughter and son.

Key Issues


Students benefit from smaller class sizes and our teachers need competitive pay. Shawn will work with his County Council colleagues and the AACPS Board of Education to promote these values in the school budget. Learn more

Smart Growth

Shawn will advocate for policies that bring development to the right places, provide safer roads, enhanced conservation efforts, and more public green spaces in areas that have experienced rapid growth. Learn more


District 7 is experiencing the effects of a changing climate. Shawn will work to protect and restore our natural spaces so our residents and the region can thrive for years to come. Learn more


A vibrant and resilient local economy is bolstered by infrastructure and services that benefit working people. Shawn will advocate for policies and programs that support workers, families, and our community’s businesses. Learn more


Shawn will explore ways to simplify the permitting process for working farm infrastructure, ease restrictions on agritourism, and pursue policies that help local farmers and keep South County rural. Learn more

Public Safety

Shawn will advocate for the people who protect our community. Our local police, firefighters, paramedics, and healthcare workers need and deserve our support. Learn more

Campaign Goals


events attended


volunteers engaged


doors knocked


people heard from