Democrat for Anne Arundel County Council, District 7

Growing up and raising his family in rural Maryland, Shawn has always made it a priority to build up his community. By showing up, listening, and asking how to help, Shawn knows how important it is to put people first. Shawn will vote to support schools, promote public safety, fight for farms, protect the environment, and push for smart growth so we can ensure development and infrastructure are happening in the right places. Shawn commits to listening to the needs of the community and working as quickly as possible to meet them.

Key Issues


The students in our schools benefit from smaller class sizes and the teachers deserve higher pay. Shawn will work with his colleagues and the Board of Ed to push for these values in the yearly school budget. Learn more.


Shawn believes that a vibrant job market is bolstered by infrastructure that supports working people. Shawn will push for policies that support transportation, childcare and job training programs. Learn more.

Smart Growth

Shawn will advocate for policy that includes initiatives for wider roads, conservation efforts and more public green space in areas that have gone through rapid growth all while working to keep South County rural. Learn more.


The people of District 7 are beginning to experience the effects of the warming climate regularly. Shawn will fight for policy that protects and restores our environment so that our communities can thrive for years to come. Learn more.


Shawn will look to simplify the permitting process for working farm infrastructure, ease restrictions on agritourism and support transitions required due to the impact of rising temperatures in District 7. Learn more.

Public Safety

The safety of our communities is of upmost importance. Shawn will fight for the people who’s work is to protect our community. The police, firefighters, paramedics, and healthcare workers deserve our full support. Learn more.

Campaign Goals


community events attended


volunteers engaged


doors knocked


people heard from

Get to Know Shawn

Shawn loves working with the volunteers and youth at his church and enjoys facilitating technology use at the Key School. He spends most of his spare time playing with his two kids, but also likes to volunteer in his community and keep up with local and international news. Shawn is also an avid runner and you may catch him on a late night run in Edgewater. When time allows Shawn picks up one of his hobbies; he likes to juggle, play and listen to music and learn about those who are different from himself. As a family, the Livingstons love to go for walks in local parks, play at local beaches and spend time on the farm in Lothian. Learn more about Shawn at the About Page, find out what makes him tick at the Values Page or get in touch at the Contact Page.